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Very professional and informative consultation!


I've known Frank for years and he has always provided me with sound and honest legal advice. Top notch service offered with sincerity and integrity. Would highly recommend him.


Amazing, and highly recommended. I will definitely be doing more business with this firm, and forwarding referrals.


Excellent experience. Frank was instrumental in launching my first business. Was able to explain otherwise complex topics in layman's terms. Very responsive. Highly recommend. Also, thank you for your military service!


I called Frank for questions about my LLC and he answered all of my questions over the phone! He is super nice and I am amazed how he is very generous with his time. I will definitely be using his service when I need more business guidance and documents created or reviewed.


I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided to me by Frank Lago. He was instrumental in reviewing, consulting, and providing the information and resources I needed to successfully consummate the sale of the assets of my business and the process of dissolving the company. In my experience working with Frank, I found my opinions were valued, my doubts were always reassured, and the process was always explained. I felt like he was personally invested in making sure that I got the best result, which took an enormous amount of stress off my shoulders. He is an honest lawyer that cares about his clients, not just their retainers. I look forward to continue getting sound legal advice from you and highly and strongly recommend your firm to anyone. Jane K, Salty Waters Shrimp LLC.


Having a strong and competent lawyer makes all the difference when you own a small business. Frank has negotiated several contracts for us and has always been thorough and respectful to the unique needs of our operation.


Working with Frank was great. He was very thorough and detail oriented. He was able to take care of everything in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend him.


Frank has been my go to legal counsel and helped me set up my LLC. He's also been incredibly helpful on any matters related to tax.


It was great working with Mr. Lago. He was there for me whenever I needed him and he was extremely professional. He was great at communicating with me and keeping me informed and up to date. I would highly recommend him.


Frank is highly responsive and his expertise in the area of IRS tax law is unprecedented. I will use his services again in the future.


Frank is very professional and thorough! Great experience and highly recommend him.


Most lawyers I called were cold and rude.after speaking with so many misters I don't get out of bed for less than a million dollars,I came across Frank at bay area c. he was compassionate,cooperative and he listens,other lawyers were more interested in pushing a contract on me for there services,than helping me with the task at hand,are these the types of people you want on your side? overly greedy untrustworthy lawyers championing for your cause.or a human being with concern,but just don't take my word for it,call the guy feel him out,people will always usually tell you there intentions,you just have to listen close enough,remember there's no such thing as doubt.doubt is your subconscious screaming at you to back off or stop.in a nutshell if I was doing battle in court I'd want a human being like Frank behind me.Godspeed you did good !


From the first moment we met with Frank he demonstrated his great knowledge and compassion and help us tremendously with the sale of our business. We develop a deep trust and bond thanks to his way of explaining such complicated items like, shareholders agreements, corporate resolutions, and savvy council. Frank has become an integral part of our business and we are the better for it. Since meeting Frank we have open two more business and we continue to trust in his council. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. With any legal needs; Frank will always be there to help or guide you in the right direction. He has worked for us and he can work for you too!

L.Q. Pres KLO Automotive Inc Tampa FL

Mr. Frank Lago provided legal counsel services for me to help review advisory agreements and in the creation release forms. Frank clearly explained any areas that I did not understand and provided excellent service. It was a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to engaging with him in the future.


My business partner and I are new small business owners. Legal aspects of business can be daunting, but from the first time we spoke to Frank, we knew that he not only was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but also had our best interest in mind. We have been working with Frank for over a year and we could not be any more pleased with his level of expertise, his timeliness, his overall demeanor, and his ability to answer and clarify all of our questions and take care of all of our business needs. Frank is approachable, dedicated and most of all authentic.

C.H. and S.Q.

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